Picking apples with Daddy


We went apple picking yayyyy! We got this whole gigantic basket to make some pies and jams and many other apple stuff like apple juice!! I’m glad daddy can pick me up and lift me up high so I can help. I loveeee helping!  If I didn’t help I’d be mad!

I reached up and picked the biggest reddest apples!

Pose: {Fawn Kisses} Happily Haunted Hunt 25L Prize :D 

Also at the event be sure to pick up the gifts! 

It runs from October 25th- November 2nd.

Check below for Fawn Kisses gift image

Outfit: {SO} Harley Dress +Shorts @ ATP 

Single will cost 99L and Fatpack 199L – after event 149 and 250 Linden

Group members have an additional 15% discount, as always.

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ameliya hair-Brown set(Resize)
Shoes: { S&S } Flats cream


I don’t like this….


-ultra mega hardcore unhappy baby pouting commencing-

They pointed…. they laughed… they stuck me in this pumpkin and took a picture. HOW DARE THEEEEEEEE!!! -throws inside of the pumpkin out all over the yard-

I thought it was gonna go well I was dressed in comfy Halloween colors. Maybe we were gonna pick a pumpkin, I thought to myself. I even got my hair braided into nice buns. I was so excited to go out. Little did I know that this was what was going to happen! -crosses arms- They will regret this.

Outfit: {SO} Isabell Pants and Shirt- Orange @ Ninety Nine Event

Single will cost 99L and Fatpack 199L – after event 149 L and 250 Linden, of course group members has additional 15% discount, as always.

Ring: Blah. (Donut Ring) Pumpkin

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ameliya hair-Brown set(Resize)

Kitty: {L} Nyan Plush; Pumpkin

Binky: {Rigby} baby binks : skull

Pose: 1. *CS* Baby Pumpkin – 01

Da bears!


You can never have too many stuffed animals. Or animals at all ;D If someone tells you otherwise you send them my way and I will show them not to mess with you or me! RAWR!!!

This rug is so comfy its like a fluffy kind with the built in cushion. My butt likes it =3 i brought all my animals out to come feel it and they liked it too!😀

My bear binky and bear pillow match perfectly😀

:BoWillow: & Breaux Jr. @ The Bricklane Gacha

Rug: :BoWillow: & Breaux Jr. – Story/NapTime Rug – Brown Bear Blue

Pillows: Breaux Jr. Bear Hugger #8 – Brown Paw +Brown Bear Blue
Paci: :BoWillow: StoryTime Paci – Bear Brown

This event is a collaboration Breaux. The pillows are 100% original mesh and animation. Bowillow bear pacifiers which are also 100% original mesh. The rug is also 100% original mesh from Breaux.😀

The Brick Lane Starts on the 20th of each month and runs until the 15th of the next month.

FLite. – Dark Wood Watch – Common #14

Papa’s Glasses – Wood Free!

[P.A] Bear Slipper {B}
[P.A] Bear Suit {B} Light

Someone Call Vogue


I am super happy Bowillow came out with these cute outfits! I couldn’t figure out what to wear for Halloween so I might wear the first one ;D It’s so cute!! Look at them lashes gurlll wish mine looked as good as the ones on the bag and my shirt lolol

These outfits can be worn basically at anytime to be honest.

Bowillow @ Penumbra!!!! 

Penumbrastarts Oct. 22nd

Bowillow show is:
Thursday October 27, 2016 @ 4PM

(Outfits in order of pictures)

Outfit 1: Exclusive Trick or Treat Outfit(7) 

Hair used: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nagi hair (Resize)

Outfit 2: Tattered Sweatsuit Black (5)

Hair used: Blues. Lay – HF2016 GIFT

Outfit 3: Mousie Costume Gray & White(3)

Hair used: /Wasabi Pills/ Poppy Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

Outfit 4: Goth Dungarees(8)

Hair used: Lamb. Go Easy – Black Pack

Outfit 5: Play Clothes Black & White(1)

Hair used: *barberyumyum*79 (brown)


Carving Pumpkins!



Ariella came over today and I had seen we hadn’t made any faces in our pumpkins. I remember where the knives were hidden and I climbed the kitchen chairs and stole some so we can make our own pumpkins! Don’t worry though Daddy came by later and made sure we were safe! Like my outfit? Daddy let me pick it! I’m a bat witch! :DDDD LOLOL don’t mess with me I can cast spells and suck ya blood MUAHAHAHA!

Carving pumpkin pose: {Fawn Kisses} Messy Carving – Includes pose and props!

Bowillow @Trunk or Treat 
:BoWillow: Painted Goth Boots  (Purple)
:BoWillow: Witchie Hat – Mystic Purple

Gift! :BoWillow: Trick Or Treat Bag – Color Changing

Trunk or Treat runs from Oct. 24th – Nov. 7 There is a TON of stuff to do there as well as free gifts at every booth!!

Sprinkles @TLE 
Sprinkles . stripe socks, (B)Sprinkles . bat ears, bat leotard (B), bat wings

Tous Les Enfant (All The Children)
(Gacha/Exclusive items only)

25th of each month to the 15th of the next month

Sprinkles . drippy necklace purple @ Ninety-Nine Event

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Nagi hair (Resize)

Do you believe?


Don’t limit yourself.

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.

You can go as far as your mind lets you.

What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

Do you believe?

Whole outfit is from Sprinkles. at the Bricklane Gacha Event! 

  •  Sprinkles . crown blue
  • Sprinkles . princess dress blue (B) RARE
  • Sprinkles . princess socks blue (B)
  • Sprinkles . wand blue

(Also in the Gacha a frog pose as common😀 Keep looking below for the options)

Hair: *barberyumyum*83(beige)
Necklace: *{Junbug}* Letter C Necklace 2
Eyes: .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Floor MESH
Wings: N.Fairy Wings Gold(From past event)
Earrings: Pearl Earrings Big 

Picture taken at Whole Wheat Floor Two also pose is free group gift from there :D 

WHOLE.WHEAT A Dark Fairytale – Conjuring Pose

Sprinkles . Princess gacha.png

I’m just chillin’


Bright and early they say is the time to go. So I went out early with Booboo and found some awesome places for nose picking right behind this wall😀 No one can see me here. Hehehe!

Get the look below!

Gimmick at Truck or Treat Event: 

Gimmick* – Bat Pants – Dark Gray
Gimmick* – Pocket Tee – Crow White
Gimmick* – Simply White Shoe – Clean 

(Other pant colors include: Blue, Gray, Light Gray, Pink, and white)

(Other tee colors include: Blue, brown, Gray, and Pink)

New at Foreign

[F] Solo Wireless [White] [Head]

75L to play!- These Wireless Headphone are Unrigged With A resize Script inside of them so they can fit properly to your HEAD or SHOULDERS 2 Pair of Headphones are include in one Package box there are 22 colors an with the chance of winning 3 ULTRA RARES PACKAGE.

Pose: {Fawn Kisses} Miranda Pose Set Group Gift- Miranda 1

Free gift works for TD, kid or adult! 4 poses for you!😀 Pose-ball and regular animation option.

Paper Damsels-Bebe Heart-Necklace silver (Exclusive Bebe Bundle item)
PD-Bebe Heart-Bracelet silver(Exclusive Bebe Bundle item)
{BunBun} Magical Phone – Ribbon Purple
{LBM} Kaylee Glasses from the outfit

Hair: *barberyumyum*May2016(groupgift free to join!)


{Fawn Kisses} GG Miranda Pose Set.png

Cat I’m a Kitty Cat!


-licks her hand- I was wanting to dress up like a kitty to match my Sailor Moon Kitty cat sweater of Luna! Thank goodness I found this sweater ♥ It’s so warm and adorable and perfect for the candy lover cause see the pockets? You can hide your candy in there ;D

-finishes cleaning her ears with her hand-

Pick up your sweater and group gifts too!

:BoWillow: Halloween Sweatshirt @ Ninety-Nine (October Round) – Moon Kitty (B)

Black, Candy Pocket, Cute by Physcho, Hwlloween Pocket, and Ribss available too! :D 

These sweatshirts are for TD baby/kid also at the event is a FREE candy add-on it animates you so that the candy will stay in the pocket so be sure to read the candy HELP card. 

Group gifts:(Found at Mainstore 50L to join group more stuff in-world!)

 { S&S } Black Cat Ears
{ S&S } Luna Pack Pack

Face hearts: NOX. Hearts [cosmetic fair gift] Hearts GIFT [Pink]
Earrings: From * {.:Little Stars.:} * Alexia  Outfit
Hair: *barberyumyum*83(eggplant)
Eyes: .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Floor
Sneakers: FLite.-Outsiders – Pink
Necklace: [Vk!] -Necklace Gold-C

Halloween Sweatshirts Ad With Sweatshirts.png



Vandalism at its finest. I saw this sign walking outside while serving time out… It looked all pretty there standing with its big ol’ STOP. Smug sign… so I kicked it WHAM! That’s what it gets!

Nonetheless I served more time but this time in a corner =.=

[F] Street Style Shirt [Red](Also available in: Khaki Green, Black, White, Grey, and Rose Gold)

[F] [White-Black] Studded Back Pack R Arm

Gimmick* – Worn Jeans – Black

.trinket. nautical hand stamped bracelet – waves silver can be found on MP
Amala – The Love Choker – Silver – Subscriber Gift
Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural]
Canvas sneakers from Sweet<3 Little Floral Dress Orange outfit

{BB} Hipster Glasses cracked
{Rigby} baby binks : mustache

Photo taken at Ironwood Hills