Chicken Noodle Soup!


We set up for camp today near the house. My auntie Dollie brought some chicken noodle soup in these cute little thermos! She kept em warm but they were easily reheated to piping hot for the cold fresh nights. Mmmmm chicken noodle soup! There is more soup though if ya’ll wanna come over for some soup ;D SOUP FOR ALL!!

Troublemaker Thermos from:  :BoWillow: @ The Bricklane Gacha August 2016 Event  (Event began August 20th)“:BoWillow: Thermos – Troublemaker GREEN” *RESIZEABLE* Comes in these colors: Blue, Green, Red (Has attachable, rezzable options, also allows you to get 6+ different types of soups and Comes with these label options Trouble Maker, Ready to Learn, and Super Smart – Close up picture of the thermos featured below⬇︎) [Find more cool items like this in the :BoWillow: In-World Store ; :BoWillow: Marketplace Store]

{Lil Big Me} Bugs are Ikky Outfit


Helping Whiskers


Poor Whiskers wandered out today and got stuck inside the log. I had to pull on him till he came out. He cried and cried till I got him out. Now hes safe and warm with me. Thank goodness my new shoes had good traction! Go on and get your kitty saving shoes at Nimble. More colors in store!

Sneakers: N. Emery Sneakers Omit @ Color Me Cute August 2016 Event [Other colors available: Amith, Mintese, Les Mois, Pom bell, Marnie,Pixie, and Sabel.

Jumper: ~LaZo – Dreaming Jumper – FATPACK

Socks: From [Vk!]  Outfit Magali-Jeans Happy Outfit

Bracelet: REIGN.– Boho Bracelet (Natural) # 17

Necklace: Kibitz – acorn necklace – gold

Hair:*barberyumyum*HairFair(GIFT) from hairfair. No longer available

Cat: . aisling . NINO Sand (Old gacha can be found on MP)

Fairy Guardian


While out exploring I found this amazing place called Lost Unicorn. They needed a guardian to protect all the fairies and mermaids around the land. Thank goodness Nimble came out with some super cute attire so I can fit right in with the them. I am now a Fairy Guardian. ♥

Nimble . Fairy Amith Dress + N.Fairy Wings Amith {Resize}@ Ninety Nine Event (Other colors available: Blush, De Lore, Gold, Lily, Peace, and Silver) {BABY/KID SIZES}

Flower Crown: MadPea Floral Crowns – Anastasia RARE (Can be found at gachas or resale)

Jewelry:From {Lil Big Me} Sea Princess Outfit

Hair:Doe Tasha (twotone) – Blondes @ The Kawaii Project



Please? A Hug?


If you know me well you’d know I’m a hugger. I love this little cactus hug shirt from Foreign! It’s perfect but there is way more options in-store! Would you be willing to hug a cactus?😀

Shirt-Brand New Short Tee @ Foreign
Comes In 8 Colors To Fit Your Style . Now At the main store

Shorts-From [Little Nerds] Rainbows Make me Smile – Shirt & Shorts outfit

Sandals-Sweet<3 Platform Flips-Green

Hair-Beusy: Crush Double-Bun Mesh Hair [Assorted] (Add me) (unpacked

Necklace-[Vk!] -Necklace Gold-C

Cactus’s- junk. metal cactus threesome. modern.@ Fifty Linden Friday


Back From London!


This morning we had to do an emergency trip to London. Once again we are back over seas! But I don’t mind it.. I always have snacks for my trips! I picked up this awesome shirt while I was over there and these shades and of course my cute light up sandals!!

Wanna get your own? Follow the links below!

Jeans: [F] Loose Ripped Jeans 

Shirt: [F] Long Tee @ Tous Les Enfants

Sun Glasses::BoWillow: @ Hello Beautiful Aug. Round- NOT A GACHA – 2 options – Colors or Metals – Each style comes with a texture HUD to change the texture of the frames, the lenses and the pearls ALSO a no Pearls button to make them appealing to all genders and style types!Click for resizer if needed😀  ALSO INCLUDED IS A FREE POSE (its soft linked so u might wanna be in edit mode when u drop it ^_^ — u also would need a big person to blog its, so is up to you if u wanna blog it or nots :D)

Sandals::BoWillow:Puppy Light Ups WHITE – BABY@  ATP Aug. Round– NOT A GACHA – 8 styles to choose from… all styles come with Puppy texture HUD to change the color of the puppy on ANY of the 8 styles.ALL STYLES COME WITH BABY/KID SIZES AND UNRIGGED VERSION TO FIT MOST AVIS :DATP (Allergic to Pink/Addicted to Pink) – This event runs from the 1st to the 25th of each mont


Beyond The Stars


This here is Say. She is an amazing woman who I have grown to love rather quickly. She’s amazing and scolds me when needed. LOL Love ya Mother!

:BoWillow: @ Ninety-Nine Event Aug. Round-Whimsical Bed Fort

NOT A GACHA – this whimsical fort is 100% original mesh and comes with loads of options and tons of animations! Ive included the help card so you can see all of the options and use them for your BLOGS their are 4 texture options and the pillows and stars change colors by click.

Also its animated and soooo pretty 。♥‿♥。

Picking Up Beats!


See this here? It’s the latest in technology. Go pick up some at the Monsieur Chic Event 😮 Plus this awesome looking outfit ;D

Clutch:[F] Headphone Clutch [Child] [R-B] @  Monsieur Chic Event

Outfit: [F] Short Sleeve Shirt/Chino Pants @  Monsieur Chic Event


Bowtie: :BoWillow: Le Bebe Bowtie Gift – texture changing @ Tous Les Enfants

Shoes: FLite. -Feezys Fatpack -RARE


You Want Some Of This?



We went Zombie Hunting!! I love my Aunt Dollie😀 She showed me the best ways to hide out and how to shoot! It was AWESOME! I have my bionic eye that allows me to see better even with the zombie blood splatter!

Get your High Tech Gear from :BoWillow: at The Crossroads Event!!! Both Choker and Eye Talisman can be found there! Go get your bionic eye groove on :P 

Choker: :BoWillow: Leather Chocker With Gems TD size

Eye Talisman: :BoWillow: Talisman Looking Glass TD – Blog Version

Shirt:.{Recess}. – Captain Oversize Shirt (camouflage)

Jeans: [F] Tore Denim Jeans [Black] [B]

Talisman Looking Glass Gacha Ad




Sight Seeing


Headed out to Paris with my Trial Daddy and Mom. They took me to eat lots at Le Petit Châtelet. If you haven’t gone there you gots to if you go to Paris. I love me some crème brulées!!!! I ate too much though.. I might not fit into my pants later on tonight. Let the food keep coming!!

Bowillow gacha @ Tous Les Enfants

Tous Les Enfants runs from the 25th every month to the 15th of the next month

55L Per Game!! 

  • Overalls: :Bowillow: Dungarees (Rares)
  • Shirt: :BoWillow: Dungarees Bebe (rares) – shirt
  • Beret: :BoWillow: Bebe Beret – Navy (copy,mod)
  • Shoes: :BoWillow: French Bebe Dress Shoes gradient 
  • Socks: :BoWillow: French Socks 

LM to Paris Sim: Les Champs Elysees

Le Bebe French Outfit Gacha Ad.png