Wanna learn to layer? (Bento Alice Mesh Head)

Hello! My name is Candy and I am a creator and blogger for secondlife.

Recently the Toddleedoo world got introduced to bento! 😀

I have made a video on how to personalize your avatar through layers. All layers are Toddleddoo Cutebytes compatible. For Mesh heads or bento.

Wearing: ~ToddleeDoo – Baby (v.3.2)
Omega Converter: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-for-Toddleedoo/6531446
Mesh Head: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TD-Baby-Mesh-Head-Bento-ALICE/10531072
Wearing Shape *CM* Skittle currently at Feb-Color Me Cute will be in-store after.
Store LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Island/219/79/24
Blog on what I have on: https://candysland.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/can-i-eat-it/
In-world user name: mabelcnls Resident
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candydaisybloom333

Can I eat it?


This cute little strawberry mellow was so cute I knew I wanted to eat it cause it was gonna be so yummy. Then… then… I saw its cute little face! And I knew I couldn’t do it. Instead it became my new best friend! 😀


Bowillow at Thimble Event-Kawaii Mallow – Love

Shape: *CM*Skittle @ Color Me Cute

Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA
Lashes: .ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
Eyes: .ARISE. Lisa Eyes / Blue MESH
Floaty Heart: Fawny – Aphrodite.Heart – Pink @Whimsical 
Tears: loony’s delicious tears
Crown: MadPea Floral Crowns – Cora
Hair: \//. VolutptasVirtualis – Kiara 2 @Whimsical
Dress: {:Moose:} Kawaii Dress Strawberry [B] @ Thimble

Kawaii Mallows Ad.png

Waiting for the Nurse


Scraped knees don’t care! Well the teachers did at the daycare…. so they sent me to the nurses office to get some bandaids and some spray that burned my owies<< They said it doesn’t sting…. THEY LIED!


Outfit:  {Clove} Mabel Dress {B}{Wisteria} in-store release

  • Available Now in 7 colors

Socks: From outfit [Vk!] Outfit -Iris- Pink

Knee scrapes: Ohai. Oops! Common {02}

Hair: MIRROR – Ryu Hair Browns

Bangs: (Chemistry) Hair – Prue bangs (not rigged)

Mesh Head:  Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA

Shape:  *CM* Jujube at Whimsical 


Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth.png

The daycare that watches me said that they were gonna have a sale for us to make money for a field trip to the zoo. Naturally I asked mine mom and sissy to help me make cakes! Who doesn’t love sweets 😛 I hope I make enough! I really really really wanna go to the zoo.


Outfit: {Juniper} Coco Set in-store release! Coco is available in 7 different fun prints.

  • Includes Leggings and Top

Sprinkles. at Thimble Event

  • Sprinkles . face band-aid
  • Sprinkles . nose band-aid yellow

Cone: DISORDERLY.   / SWEET SPRING / at Whimsical cone and cakes

Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA
Lashes: .ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
Sprinkles . Mei flip flops (B)
{S0NG} :: Maki~ Black Eye
*CM* Jujube at Whimsical 


Found the Kitchen!



*CM* Jujube Shape Exclusive for Whimsical!  NEVER TO BE SOLD AGAIN FOR 650l!!

Includes: Style card, eyebrow shaper, and shape!

Sprinkles . Layla dress gray polkadots(B) @ Color Me Cute 

{Little Miss} Hearty Thong – Black. More colors in-store!

Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA
Hair: *barberyumyum*65B (brown)
Necklace: *{Junbug}* Letter C Necklace 2
Lashes: .ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
[BOX] Chocolate Puffs Snack Cup 1
[BOX] Moderates Apple Puffs
[BOX] Portable Strawberry Blast Yogurt
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Maki~ Black Eye @Kustom 9

The Sky is Awake



{Juniper} Moonbeams Outfit @ Color Me Cute

Other colors: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Onyx, Pink Quartz, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz.

Candy is wearing: 

  • {Juniper} Moonbeams Shoe Black
  • {Juniper} Moonbeams {B} Sapphire


Furniture from :BoWillow: Feb Color Me Cute-Mt. Cabin Bedroom

  • :BoWillow: Cabin Trundle Bed
  • :BoWillow: Fluffy Reading Bean Bag – White + Black
  • :BoWillow: Star Rug – Knit (Different color menu)
  • :BoWillow: Lets Sleep Under The Stars (tintable) wall decal
  • :BoWillow: Mountain Wall Panel w/ Sun
  • :BoWillow: Mountain Wall Panel 1
  • :BoWillow: Star Night Light {click for colors}

Shape: *CM* Jujube Shape Exclusive for Whimsical 

Includes style card and eyebrow shape

Bears are from Boogers

Windows { S&S } Window Frame Blue Sky

Dream Lights: DREAMS – wall light cloud @ Gacha Garden

Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA
Astralia – Thorn roses hair & headpiece Hair
JIAN :: Silly Shibes – Companion Pup (Sesame Fade)
{S0NG} :: Maki~ Black Eye @Kustom9

Ready to Explore


Today I decided to wander around and stumbled upon Whole Wheats NEW


{Clove} Lily at Color Me Cute

Includes Dress and Sandals. Baby and Kid sizes

Colors: Candy, Heavenly, Lemon, Melon, Mint, Nude, Ocean, and Wisteria

Candy is wearing:

{Clove} Lily Dress {B}{Wisteria}
{Clove} Lily {Baby Sandals}{Wisteria}

Shape: *CM*Skittles at Color Me Cute 400L Check out the gestures too!

Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Prue (not rigged)
Eyes: .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Floor MESH
Chokers: XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear) +[ abrasive ] Star Choker – Gold