Sight Seeing


Headed out to Paris with my Trial Daddy and Mom. They took me to eat lots at Le Petit Châtelet. If you haven’t gone there you gots to if you go to Paris. I love me some crème brulées!!!! I ate too much though.. I might not fit into my pants later on tonight. Let the food keep coming!!

Bowillow gacha @ Tous Les Enfants

Tous Les Enfants runs from the 25th every month to the 15th of the next month

55L Per Game!! 

  • Overalls: :Bowillow: Dungarees (Rares)
  • Shirt: :BoWillow: Dungarees Bebe (rares) – shirt
  • Beret: :BoWillow: Bebe Beret – Navy (copy,mod)
  • Shoes: :BoWillow: French Bebe Dress Shoes gradient 
  • Socks: :BoWillow: French Socks 

LM to Paris Sim: Les Champs Elysees

Le Bebe French Outfit Gacha Ad.png

Magical Starfish!


I don’t think I’m taking these off. I’m just saying. I love these starfish!!!! They are so cute and adorable and with glasses oh mah gawd. What more can you ask more.

My Cuzzy  Deliah(Click the link to view her bloggy) found me dressed up and we had to make her a starfish too. She brought Rocco and GUESS WHAT HE IS ONE NOW TOO!

We are ALL Starfish! Wanna be one too? Follow the links down below =3

Starfish::BoWillow: Cardboard Starfish Prop (TD BABY) – ANIMATED@The Brick Lane Gacha

Glasses::BoWIllow: Seashell Shades – Lavender@The Brick Lane Gacha


The Glasses have a resizer within. The Starfish change texture if you click them and are also modifiable for resizing.
**The The Brick Lane Gacha Event runs from the 20th each month to the 15th of the next month :D**


Dress: . tiptoes – Sea Princess Starfish Dress – [ B ] RARE@ The Brick Lane Gacha

Sandals:Sweet<3 Platform Flips

Sunscreen:(Ag) Sunscreen freebie!

Hair:Doe: Loopsie (TwoTone) – Monotone @ Epiphany

Starfish in hair: [kik]hair-HF2016 gift

Churro:[INDO] Churro Snack/Dessert 1LI FP Freebie


Seaside Fun Gacha Ad.png

Child’s Wasteland


Nobody knows this but I like to collect old thrown away things and make it mine. I have been hiding these old thrown away stuffs behind the shed in the backyard. Ehe. I have my own little hiding spot from everythings.

Shirt:{F.R}-Foreign collab with Recess @ Color Me Cute! Off The Shoulder Shirt [White] (Other colors: Blue, Purple, Black, Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow)

Leggings:~LaZo – Lace short Legging – Applier – FATPACK

Boots: FLite. A-Solo Snow Boots Gray

Backpack:[F] [White-Black] Studded Back Pack R Arm [Kids]

Hair:Blues. Lay – HF2016 GIFT (Hair Fair Gift)

Bracelet: *Reign.– Boho Watch- Pink

Earrings: {T.T}Reika earrings

Binky: {Rigby} baby binks



Nothing like an early morning sugar rush!!!!

I sneakishly went into the cupboards early this morning and got me some gum that mom tried to hide from me. Pft. Just for that I got ice cream too!

Before anyone woke up I went outside, hopped onto my skateboard to ease off the sugar so I don’t get caught😛 Tomorrow another sugar rush!!!! :DDDD

Crop top:  Foreign@Ninety-Nine [Hearts] Also in: 6, Beach, Dash, Dogtor, Kitten, Plain, and Unicorn!

Skirt: ~LaZo – LilLady – FATPACK

Sneakers: FLite.-Outsiders – Pink

Glasses{BB} Hipster Glasses cracked (Gacha)

Hair:[e] Miya – Essentials

Headphones:Notes by Nero (Black) – **SPARK**

Socks: From [Vk!] Outfit -Iris- Pink Outfit

Skateboard:Skateboard-SPEED MAX-2014-Ladies’ size (Freebie)

Necklace:Little Llama – BFF Necklace – Milk

Ice cream:Ninety– Start Ice Cream Sugar

Bracelet: Random (store not available)



Girl DAB look at our DAB!!!LOOK AT OUR DAB! GIRL DAB!!!

We are rocking our overalls from Foreign! (Pose custom made-Coming Soon!)

My cuzzy Deliah sure does got them moves!!! Ohh gurl!!!! She is teaching me all she knows! Click her name for blog info!

Overalls- Foreign@Ninety-Nine – Includes color change HUD! 5 other denim colors to choose from!

Sneakers:FLite. -Feezys Fatpack -RARE

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Halston –  light browns

Southern Twang


My cuzzy Deliah  (Click the link to check out her blog!)came over today to hang out. She came all the way from New York to Texas! She flew a loooong way. You can tell she don’t fit in with us country  folk. But she did well and even shared an ice cold limeade with me😀

Check out our outfits by following the links below!

Tank Top: Foreign + Gimmick  Collab @Ninety-Nine  [Powder Yellow] (Other colors available: Navy, Black, Grey, Plain, Powder Blue, and Powder Pink!]

Shorts: From [Vk!] Keke set-03 Outfit

Sandals + Mouth Wheat: From {Lil Big Me} Kaylee Swimsuit Outfit

Earrings: {T.T} Zootastic Lion

Ice cream: sue cream. Yummy Ice Gacha – A5

Glasses: TBF Aviator Sunglasses With Windscreen Wipers

Hat: Freebie! Pick one up HERE.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

Jammin’ Out!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Deliah and I decided to put our own show with our new Booger Bears!!!!❤!


<:*BoOgErS*:> @The Arcade  June 2016 Bear Band! 15 COMMON 2 RARES

  • Scout Bears!
  • Metal Bears!
  • Bubble Bears!


25L PER PLAY! Once the month is out, they will be GONE!!!

After 50 pulls of playing you will automatically be rewarded with the Player Reward. The reward has a color change HUD that has 3 colors. For Boogers we have the stage!


Tent!!!-::BoWillow: Vintage Garden Tent (COPY) – ALL COLORS @ Tous Les Enfants runs from the 25th – 15th of next month
VINTAGE GARDEN TENT – 6 commons 1 rare – They all have a white option (even tho the blogger version has ALL colors the ACTUAL tents only have one color and then a white option THEY ALL COME WITH A HUD JUST FOR TENT)

Dress:Nimble. Leslie Party Dress @LIMITED 50 (GET THEM NAOW!)

Sandals: ~LaZo – Lien Shoes – FATPACK

Hair: Love [High by the beach] [Greyscale]

Bracelet:Ninety– Infinitum Black bracelet Mesh Rigth

Necklace:XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)

Glasses: :[P]:- Goth Essentials:// Cateye Glasses Noir Gacha





thugs_001PicMonkey Collage

Here in Little Mexico we don’t get ice cream trucks! We get taco and churro trucks!!! <33333 Ahhh❤ Boy do I love being Mexican :D! COME AND GET YOUR FREE HOT CHURROS HERE!

Outfit with Deliah:

Second Outfit: 

  • Jacket-Foreign-Rainy Jacket-Lots of colors available so will suit girls and boys!~NEW
  • Jeans-Foreign-Tore Denim Jeans-Lots of colors available to fir baby and kid~NEW

Hair: Doe: Vacation (Solid) @ Epiphany –- Candy RARE (Comes with Glasses)

Headband:2PM. Need me band / black

Sandals + Sock::BoWillow: Socks & Sandals – Black+White



My besties for lyfe!! No one can come between us!!❤

From left to right: Deliah+Cece+Me! Be sure to click the links to follow their blogs😀

All sandals are from ~LaZo!!  (Links to Ceces Sandals click her bloggies!)

The ones I’m wearing are: ~LaZo – Gladi Shoes – FATPACK (W/color change HUD)

Dress: Pink Sprinkles – Deliah Dress FATPACK (All 3 colors for 499L or one for 199L!😮

Binky:[RF] Royal Binky [birdy]

Hair Pins: ToddleTeeZ By: Z  @ Hello Beautiful– Rose Hair Pins Gacha. Wearing Rose and Peach.

Hair:[e] Karee – Essentials

Bracelet:*BOOM* Rescued Metal Bracelet (October/Pink Tourmaline)

Necklace:Kibitz – acorn necklace – gold