All In a Days Work


Daisy dressed me for school today. But I wasn’t ready for the day. I am so happy she brought the travel pillow. I got a quick nap on the way… if not the teachers wouldn’t be able to handle me. I swear. If you ever run into a sleepy Candy… BEWARE!

Pose: .In The Moment.Families. ~ A Day With Mom ~ 1

Featuring on Daisy:

enVOGUE HAIR – Veronica Bento 

VERONICA Hair –  Bento & Rigged Mesh – With Materials Options!

Veronica is a short length hairstyle all pulled together in a sophisticated interlaced bun you can definitely use for classic and professional look. Get all the attention with this magnificent hair.

This hairstyle comes in rigged mesh and is available in 96 colors , root colors and  16 Ombre, and can be changed by HUD.

 enVOGUE Store LM :

Featuring on Candy:

 :BoWillow: Travel Pillow – Moose (child) {Creator} [back]

 BoWillowmade original mesh Animal Travel Pillows! Just in time for summer vacations! There are 16 commons and 2 rares. You have a chance to collect a neck version or an animated holdable version! Your airplane ride!

Daisy’s Outfit:
DAMI-spring blossom uniform m *a8
DAMI-spring blossom uniform m *skyblue
Candy’s Outfit:
.:*:.WoopsieDoo.:*:. Japanese Girl school uniform – Red (ToddleeDoo)
.ARISE. Lip Drool (with resizer) {Creator} [chin]
LeMomo: Book [Watership Down – 40th] Pose n.1
[monso] My Hair – Jeonso /Mixed
{S0NG} :: Sugar~ Abyss Eye

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