I dunno about you but mornings are the worst! I always get the gookey eye stuffies that I gotta pick out and drool on my face. Mama saw my grumpy face and said to eat cereal but I think my face and shirt says it all. NOT A MORNING PERSON!

:BoWillow: Vintage Fruit Sleep Masks @ Color Me Cute {TD} Lifted -There are 5 styles you can pick from the menu by clicking the mask. Also you can toggle the ruffles on and off. The Sleep Masks have been sized to fit kids or grown ups, however they are ALL resizable to fit ANY avatar!

COLOR ME CUTE INFO: Starts on the 15th and goes to the end of the month.

50L Friday Kids weekly item- :BoWillow: Graphic Long Tee (B) – Not A Morning Person – Black

Rest of the look:

*barberyumyum*73 (brown)
MINIMAL – CMORE Glasses *4* -Gold-
llCll – Crazy Cup – Juice
{S0NG} :: Sugar~ Dark Brown Eye

Not A Morning Person Tee AdVintage Sleep Mask Ad


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