Mmm Fries!


Mmmm dinner is served! I can’t wait to dig in. Even the drool is falling outta my mouth. Those fries look super yummy! Glad I have stretchy clothes so you can see my tummy 😀 ❤

Featuring Sprinkles.  Invader Outfit at Ninety Nine
– 5 colours available
– includes hoodie and sweatpants
TD baby and kid size


  • Sprinkles . invader hoodie blue (B)
  • Sprinkles . invader sweatpants gray (B) 

*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
-ATTIC- Plastic Backpack Black
.ARISE. Beba Eyes / Cloud MESH L {Creator} [L eye]
.ARISE. Lip Drool (with resizer)
Beusy: TripleSick Hair #3 & Bangs – Common {
TBF Aviator Sunglasses With Windscreen Wipers
[Black Bantam] Pearl and Silver Lock Choker
[F] Denim Cap W/Puff Ball [Grey] [Patched]
~Lazo – Emilia Sneakers – Baby



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