I am LOVING what Juniper and Clove have made for Epiphany April 2017!!! (Opens on the 15th) I couldn’t wait to show you and present to you FIESTA TIME GACHA!

Being a Mexican in RL I never had much on here to represent my culture. And seeing the items they have created has made me so happy! The drinks are resized to fit almost anyone! My personal favorite is Sandia (Watermelon). Also many don’t know but cactus’s are my favorite plants and they have made cactus decoration and cactus plushy! (Plushy so you don’t get owies on your face when you hug them XD)

Did I mention the finger puppets!? Omgggg I don’t wanna take them off. When you type they play animation talking to each other and when you are not typing they are idle. Specially made for bento! They are their rare item for this event 😀

Can we talk about the EXCLUSIVE ITEM?! It’s a plush decorative donkey! My life… is complete. ♥

Be sure to check out the ad below.

Andddd Killi stole my nachos =.=

**Dress is coming soon item to Candymade my personal store**


JunipercloveFiestaGachadJunipercloveFiestaGachaExclusive ad


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