Daddy’s Daredevil

daddysdaredevil_004This is my Daddy! I am his wild child who marches to the beat of her own drum. I am like him in so many ways than I can count on my finger and I am super proud to call him my Padre ♥ There is no other like him. He has been caring, loving, sweet, funny and everything else. He is amazing! Even when he breaks my HUD and makes me crash or drown in the waters (Dun worry I didn’t die :P). I cannot have had a better father in my sl life and rl one as well.

I am like him so much that we even found matching sweaters at Ninety Nine by Foreign! I love it! He said to get the one with flames cause that makes us cooler. Mhm mhm! I agree it does!

*Mama was nearby keeping me safe!*

Dad is wearing [F] Rib Sweatshirt [Flames] [White]  for Signature Men’s Body and I am wearing the Baby Sized in the same colors 😀 There is a whole bunch there so be sure to head down to Ninety Nine and get matching outfits too!

Now Available at 99
Comes in 7 colors with 2 different version also a style hud The one with flames includes both Shirts These Shirts Are fitted Only For Signature Men Body & Toddleedoo

Rest of my outfit!

*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Extra Tattoo
.ARISE. Beba Eyes / Cloud MESH
Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural] {Creator} [head]
Flite. -Feezys
{Little Miss} Boyfriend Jeans – Denim Mid *BABY TD


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