Mama Rhea told me that everyone was invited to tonight sleep over! So naturally I invited all my besties! We threw pillows at each other… ate all the foods and got all cozy and warm on the poufs! I am so happy they all came over

/Wasabi Pills/: 

  • Shizuko Hair Gacha @ The Chapter Four! Comes in 2 versions. Rigged mesh hair.  Commons 2 rares in colors!
  • Paige Hair @ FaMEShed! Rigged mesh hair cannot be resized.


  • Daimon Hair @ WE LOVE RP! 25% discount only at this event.
  • Enya Hair Gacha @ The Gacha Guardians! 14 common, 4 rare. Unrigged and Rigged! 12 color packs in common. Look at ads for more info.
  • Catty Hair @ The Project Se7en! 8 hair colors. 16 colors + RGB for Beret. Gift Catty Bow Unrigged, includes color hud and RGB hud.


Dinosaur Messenger Bag comes in different colors: Black, White, Pink, Orange, Green & Blue. They comes in Baby & Kid Size. You can Purchase them at in-store at COOLEY!

Paper Damsels + Boogers coming to Ninety Nine!

Pyjamas and New Nap Mat Colorus!

5 sets each with 4 different patterns! (Dino and stars are my favorite ones >.<)

Tiptoes-Rose Canvas Tennies Gacha for Playroom April!

  • 10 commons
  • 2 rares
  • Mod/Trans

These sneakers are unrigged and pre-sized for Toddleedoo Baby but include a notecard of suggested size/location to fit the Toddleedoo Kid as well. And as always there is a demo available to make sure its the look you want before playing 😀



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