Slumber Party!


YAYYY TIFFY AND MYST CAME OVER! It’s time for a party! I liked hitting Myst with the pillow. Tiffy kept telling us if we hit her with a pillow she was gonna hit our heads back and not soft 😦 So we had to be careful 😀 I love this bed its so fluffy and big!


[^.^Ayashi^.^] Perla hair(Unrigged) @ The Kinky Fair .

Each rounds will start the 28th of the week at last until the 19th of the next month

:BoWillow: Dream Party Gimme Gacha FREE Gifts

  • Pose for 2- Pillow Fight
  • 3 Wall Decals

:BoWillow: (Gacha Guardians Spring) DReaM PaRTy

Wearing: :BoWillow: Dream Party – Sleep Mask – White (TD)  and  :BoWillow: Dream Party – Pillow Fight Pillow – White (TD)

12 Commons and 1 Rare to collect. There are also 2 Gifts Of The Guardians and some free gifts for people in the Gimme Gacha Group.

Important Details:

The Bed holds 8 avatars! There are 3 set ups either ALL kids, ALL grown ups or half kids and half grown ups. All the poses are adjustable though to fit whoever. The bed has storytime and sleep time poses.

The Pillow Fight Pillows have flying feathers that you can have on or off and you can swing them at the people around you by clicking the avatar you want to hit! Muahahaha.

*** The Gifts of The Guardians are EXCLUSIVE gifts. They will only be available for the event and once the event is over so are those items. These gifts are the Slumber Hats and the BYOP huggable pillows. ***

:BoWillow: cottoncandy – Just Cant Right Meow (B)

Now In stores for 99L per color or 399L for the fatpack 😀 There are 7 colors.

*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
.ARISE. Dor Eyes / Grey MESH
.ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
[16:30] mabelcnls Resident: Bento Red/Pink Lips {Creator} [mouth]
[16:30] mabelcnls Resident: Confetti Tosser, type yay {Creator} [L pectoral]
[16:30] mabelcnls Resident: XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black]
[F] Tore Denim Jeans [Black]



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