Lovely Picnic


Killi came over for a picnic today 😀 I made him bring me juice! His sissies Tiffy and Myst were gonna meet up with all of us for a slumber party!! This was just pre hang out. He brought pies and drinks. I brought the boogers =3 Not only the booger bears but the boogers from my nose -sniffles-


Bellybean Pose:

Coming Soon @ { Bellybean } Mainstore for April’s Shop Hop round!! ♥ [April 1st]

BoWillow: Silver Fox Umbrella


There are 4 different foxes to choose. Each umbrella is posed to hold and has a resizer inside. They are also modify & copy. 🙂

ATP is an event that runs from the 1st of each month to the end of the same month. It’s an event that features items for the kids community.

Event Location:

Sprinkles . Miley Outfit Blue  @Shop Hop


  • Dress
  • Hat

Event Location:

*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head
*{Junbug}* Letter C Necklace 2
.ARISE. Dor Eyes / Grey MESH
.ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
Tamagosenbei Snot Bubble {Creator} [head]
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Nagi hair (Resize) {Creator} [head]

{ Bellybean } Sunny Afternoon ADSprinkles . Miley outfitFox Umbrellas Ad

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