Daisy Kisses


Check out my sisters blog! 

Picture taken at Whole Wheat

Pose: Bellybean- Coming out for Thimble February 20th! Bebe Kisses Pose
Fits 2 TD Babies & 1 Adult!


Confetti Poses-Elikay– Elikay 2(Candy) + Eikay 3 (Del)

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Melissa Hair at I ❤ RP

Outfit-{Little Miss} Lolita Outfit -White at Ninety Nine

Add on HUD used to change the undershirt 😀  10 different colors, with a separate inner shirt hud and accessories hud (for the hat and necklace/collar). It is available in baby size only and comes in purple, black, cream, blue, lemon, mint, pink, red, teal and blue.


  • Dress
  • Top Hat
  • Boots (Sock Option included)
  • Choker
  •  Pocket (Doggy not included)





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