City Life


Picture taken at Whole Wheat Floor 2


On Daisy: /Wasabi Pills/ at The Chapter Four–  Danielle Mesh Hair  GATCHA

Danielle comes in 2 versions. 5 Commons 3 rares

On Candy: Ohai. Kawaii Bruise V2

Kawaii Bruise version 2 coming soon at Hello Beautiful
Only 40l 🙂

{Little Miss} Bomber Jacket – Maroon *BABY & KID

8 colors available with preset white inner tee
* Each color comes with an HUD texture change for the sleeves and trimmings
* Baby and Kid TD size
* Inner Shirt Add-on sold separately

{Little Miss} Gartered Shorts – Black

Boots: .S&S.  Tiny Tims  – Wheat (wear)

Purse: =Zenith=Leather Bone Handbag (Bone)

Knee Ouchies: Ohai. Oops! Common {02}

Hair:pr!tty – Mini – [Colorfuls]  @ The Chapter Four

Glasses: From {Lil Big Me} Kaylee Swimsuit Outfit



14681022_321178371583924_2822003958812531024_o.jpg 17190500_1657312717904924_362787704294374987_n


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