Pool Day!



:BoWillow: Playdate Cruise Floaty & Clothes

This if For The Playdate Cruise that leaves in March – The prestore is open for kids to shop in! The Rainbow floaty has 3 options as far as movement and comes with lots of fun and cute animations. It is 100% original mesh and will be sold in BoWillow after the cruise. Also at the event will be 3 exclusive outfits for the playdate prestore only! 

Outfit includes: Top, Shorts, Socks and Sandals. 3 colors to pick from look at ad below for more!

:BoWillow: – ATP Clover Accessories

Each headband comes with six color options and there are 2 styles BASICS and COLORS also the bow tie has a color change menu and options for light or dark clovers. They are all copy, mod, no trans so that people can easily resize them ^_^

ATP is an event that runs from the 1st of each month to the end of the same month. It’s an event that features items for the kids community.

Featuring on Daisy: /Wasabi Pills/ Skyler Mesh Hair at FaMESHed

Colors: B&W, Basics, Blonds, Browns, Fireworks, Lunar, Reds, and Solar.

Options A,  A(Boobs 1), and A(Boobs 2)


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