Picnic With Our Pets


With the heat rolling in we decided to get together and bring all our pets for a picnic! I brought apples and bananas. My chicken decided to take over the bed… but shes a good chicken so I let it slide this one time. I didn’t even know we had this many pets… I think its time that we stop rescuing them XD We are almost at enough pets to open a farm! Or maybe a zoo… goodness!


Hair on Candy: [^.^ Ayashi ^.^] Mizore @ Sanarae Feb 25- Mar 18

Hair on Daisy: [^.^ Ayashi ^.^] Katrin @ Love Interruption Feb 11-Feb27


Hair on Ayra: /Wasabi Pills/ Miwa @ Uber Feb 25- Mar 23


Featuring on Candy:  Items at current round of Tous Les Enfants

BoWillow – Awareness Flare Buttons and Bands

8 bands in total are included in this pack, 4 TD bands and 4 bands for grown ups. 

  • CKD Awareness Band-Courage
  • CKD Awareness Band-Cure
  • CKD Awareness Band-Hope


Navy Aztecs Bone ~ Adopt A Pet Cuddle Bed ~ Breaux Jr. Gacha

Half of the proceeds from these sales will be used to purchase kittens and puppies and deliver them to orphanages and foster homes throughout SL. (If you know of one that would like to receive animals please write me and I will add you to my list!)

There are 8 commons and 2 Rares.
All beds are resizable on touch
All beds have texture change menu pillows
All beds have 6 animations for one person to snuggle with their own sweet pets!


*CutieCakes* Autism Sneakers

*CutieCakes* Autism Bracelet

On Arya:
=Zenith=Winter Leather Fur Boots (Begie) -Maitreya
=Zenith=rosette dress (Milk) fitted mesh – RARE

On Daisy:

Pixicat– Thorn.MiniDress – Pink (Maitreya
MadPea Floral Crowns – Cora
{S0NG} :: Piaf~ Vintage Eye

On Candy:

*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head
ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
.ARISE. Lisa Eyes / Blue MESH
Plum: Idris Chinos {B} Multi {Creator} @ Lost and Found
Plum: Idris Top {B} Multi {Creator} @ Lost and Found
JIAN :: Silly Shibes – Companion Pup (Sesame Fade)
JIAN Fennec :: Held (Attach/Add me!) @ Whimsical


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