Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth.png

The daycare that watches me said that they were gonna have a sale for us to make money for a field trip to the zoo. Naturally I asked mine mom and sissy to help me make cakes! Who doesn’t love sweets 😛 I hope I make enough! I really really really wanna go to the zoo.


Outfit: {Juniper} Coco Set in-store release! Coco is available in 7 different fun prints.

  • Includes Leggings and Top

Sprinkles. at Thimble Event

  • Sprinkles . face band-aid
  • Sprinkles . nose band-aid yellow

Cone: DISORDERLY.   / SWEET SPRING / at Whimsical cone and cakes

Mesh Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – ALPHA
Lashes: .ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
Sprinkles . Mei flip flops (B)
{S0NG} :: Maki~ Black Eye
*CM* Jujube at Whimsical 



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