Cheer Revenge


How dare they build a tower without including Candy! I am the top cheerleader NOT BELLA!!!!! HOW DARE SHE BE THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID!! RAGH!!!!

-stomps her feet and throws her a pom pom hoping to smack her and throw her off balance-

Dang it I missed! Better run off into the bushes before I get caught by our teacher…. I don’t want to go to into the time out corner anymore.. It’s so boring!

Picture taken at Ironwood Hills


Sprinkles Cheer Outfits @ Ninety Nine. Include 2 shirts (Kawaii and Plain), Skirt, and Pompoms.

6 colors to choose from.


  • Sprinkles . mint cheer top (B)
  • Sprinkles . mint pompoms L
  • Sprinkles . mint pompoms R

Choker: pr!tty – Ribbon Choker – :Gift w-purchase of Zoe Hair
Hair: pr!tty – Zoe – {Rootless} :un-rigged @ The Coven
Eyes: [Buzz] Okina Eyes – Rainbow RARE
Sneakers: ~Lazo – Emilia Sneakers – Baby

Sprinkles . cheer outfits.png


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