I’m a Bird!


Daisy helped me become a bird today! I flapped my wings and soared up high. Well in my mind I did. I dunno why Bella and Deliah are so worried. Something about birds having bird diseases? I dunno butttttt I’M A BIRDDD!! WEEEE!


[^.^Ayashi^.^] Suzuna hair special for The Gacha Garden 75L$ per play

4 rare and 8 rares

Picture taken at Whole Wheat

Daisy Outfit: Dami Hanbok Gacha M*5 @Shiny Shabby

Daisy Heels: #EMPIRE – Tansy – Maitreya – Black

Toddledoo Dresses: Candy cloud : Hanbok korean queen dress

Candys Hair: Doe: Loopsie (TwoTone) – Monotone

Candys Shape: Shape:  *CM*-Pop Rocks Shape 500L$



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