Need a New Babysitter


Candy has recently been going through her terrible threes. Daisy has no way of escaping such mean little tantrums. Candy wanted to go ice skating and Daisy thought it was best to go skating on the porch. WHELP.

Candy screamed as she went right behind Daisy. She shoved her hard and knocked her off her feet! “ICE SKATINGGGGG!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I think we will be needing a new babysitter to watch her from now on…


Water Lilies by Mushilu @ The Secret Affair: 4 seasons. Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. (Look at ad picture below)

Mushilu: Light decor /Dark (Très Chic, January 17th – February 10th, 2017)Eiffel Tower decoration: 8 colors 1 land impact. (Can be resized and positioned almost anywhere! Ad picture down below) The price is 100L for the set of all 8 colors.

Daisy: Outfit & Shoes- UNA Runnergirl.Gacha @ [Event]→ OMG



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