Shh Please…


I am reading a book… well… sorta.. I mean.. it’s all pictures! So I am looking at the book.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want quiet and peace. So please…. SHHH!!!!! -Throws you a binky-

Hammock: Gimmick* – Hammock Rocker at Ninety Nine Event– Stripes

Comes in 8 different colors and each includes a wood texture HUD. 6 poses to choose from! With rocking animation. Great for camping, for reading a book, or to take a nap in!

Colors:  Blue Cotton, Floral 1, Floral 2, Floral 3, Fur Dark, Fur Light, Red Cotton, and Stripes!

Outfit: [F] Blazor Classic Dork Outfit [Blue]+ [F] Chinos Classic Dork Outfit [Chinos]
Face Scratches: [Little Nerds] Under Eye Scratch+ [Little Nerds] Eyebrow Scratch – Darker
Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders – Red
Hair bows from: [monso] My Tiny Ribbon – White
Glasses: {BB} Hipster Glasses cracked [ADD]
Candy Shape made by Me!


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