Visiting LA


Today we went toooooo *drum roll* LA!!!!! We had so much fun!!! We walked all over the place and ended up in China Town :O It was truly amazing! We are for sure gonna head there soon! I went with a Girly Edgy look while my sissy went with a Kawaii girly one. Isn’t she precious???

Click to check out my sister Deliahs blog!

Outfit: {Clove} Emma {Rainy Day}{B} @Ninety Nine Event 

Colors: Candy, Halo, Heavenly, Liquorice, Melon, Ocean, Wisteria and Rainy Day

Includes: Outfit, stockings (Not shown) and boots (Not shown).*

Pose and Kitties: +H-D+/Le PC *Kitty Galore* Fluffy Rider (Alternate) (Cat)
Necklaces: .trinket. halloween geometric wooden necklace+ REIGN.– Poison Necklace- #19+XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)
Shoes: Flite. -Feezys
Earrings: Pearl Earring Big 
Socks: :BoWillow: Socks & Sandals – BLACK & WHITE
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Elira [Hat] [Unrigged] [Resize]
Backpack: [F] [White-Black] Studded Back Pack R Arm [Kids]
Binky: {Rigby} baby binks : skull


*Ad picture with full outfit*


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