My Sissy :D


Arigatou gozaimashita to my sissy for teaching me how to share juice 😀 I gave her a sip from my sippy cup and I felt nice at the end of it. I think I will share more often. She is a great teacher to me 🙂

Link to my sister Deliahs Blog HERE!


Backpack: . Little Fox . Little Backpack – Princess coming to Ninety Nine! Opens on the 9th

Once you put these on, you won’t really be able to run off by yourself any more Scripted with a special leash system that allows a caretaker to grab hold, or you can even leash to others with Backpacks to start a train. You’ll never get lost again using these! Resizable 

Cup: . Little Fox . Sippy Cup @ Color Me Cute! Opens on the 15th Comes with a texture Hud for 14 different options!

Click here for sippy cup colors.

Jewelry from =BRUSH=SparkleStarPACK @ the Mainstore! On [FOXVILLE]

  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Chokers

Not shown

  • Anklets
  • Chest Star
  • Eyebrow Stars
  • Eye sparkles
  • Forehead Star

Do you love stars as much as we do? SHOW IT with our new Sparkle Star PACK! It has everything you could need to be the star you were born to be. Stars are all tintable in order to make a custom style~ Everything shown is also UNrigged to help fit ANY AVATAR you can think to put it on!

Cheek Glitter Stars: {L} Glitter Stars @Foxville – {LoveFox}

!MAINSTORE RELEASE! You know how some people say they can see the stars in your eyes? Well now you can even have the stars on your face! Un-rigged glitter stars come with multiple textures to drag and drop on each star for the ultimate personailzation! They can fit on any face, from a adorable little angel, to a kawaii shark.

Outfit: Turducken ToddleeDoo -Mona Outfit – Blue (Includes dress, shoes, collar, shorts, and socks)

Hair Bows: Turducken ToddleeDoo – Harajuku Girl – Hair Bows {B} 2Gacha
Face baindaids: Ohai. Kawaii Bruise w/Band-aids
Eyelashes: “mignon.” -Decora party. (rainbow star) Gacha
Hair: *barberyumyum*83(beige)
.Cellphone: tsg. Keitai Smart Phone Beary san Mint
Nose band: 04 {Cutesy} noseband star Gold .::Cubic Cherry::.
Kitty: Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss – White
Headbow: Sweet Thing. Kittygiri Bow – Blue
Rings: tram -Candy ring1- pink
Binky: [RF] Treasure Binky [bow] RARE


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