Crayons Aren’t for Ears!


It was craft day!!! Weeeee!!!!! Momma pulled out all the crayons, the paint, the markers, paper and some pens. I loved it!!! I painted this picture of my Momma and I  😀 Isn’t it pretty?!

My ear got itchy and I scratched it with the crayon and it didn’t wanna come out!!! OH… MY.. GOSH!!!!! Thank goodness Momma was nearby and helped me get it out!!!


Gimmick* – Art Station Gacha @ The Playroom

1 Rare 7 common

  • Art Station Shelf RARE
  • Art Station Desk
  • Art Station Chair
  • Art Station Clutter 1,2,3,4 
  • Art Sation white Board

There are free gifts there! So be sure to pick some up!

Outfit: .tiptoes-Making Messes

Makin Messes toddleedoo outfit with mesh button up shirt in baby & kid size, HUD applied jean shorts, resizable sneakers, messy undershirt, mesh paintbrush, paint top and bottom applier with no clothes for messy bath time

Shoes: Gimmick* – Simply White Shoe – Dirty
Earrings: 10. Yokai – Magic unicorns – Unicorn Earrings (lilac) @SaNaRae
Necklace:[atooly] gretchen adore necklaces .baby girl.



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