My Teddy ♥


Today I fed all my stuffies and animals… even my dollies. They hadn’t been fed in like 2 months but they were okay. After all my Daddy says they aren’t real 🙂 And they can go a loooong long long long time without eating. Forever. Ehe.

Poses: Ohai. My Teddy Bear Pose Pack (MP) 65L

Poses with Teddy bear! Only for avatars baby toddleedoo!!
can edit the bear for best fit in your avatar.
Teddy bear included! Just add to and animation is produced

Copy – Modify – No Transfer

DressTurducken ToddleeDoo – LeStella Dress – Cream {Box}

Socks: From [Vk!] Outfit -Iris- Pink Outfit

Flower CrownMadPea Floral Crowns – Freya

Hair/Wasabi Pills/ Trixie Mesh Hair – FLF Exclusive pack

Necklaces*{Junbug}* Letter C Necklace 2 + :: MOMOCHUU :: Jana gacha . Lace Choker [Cream]

Earrings: Paper Damsels Diamond stud earrings

Bracelet*BOOM* Rescued Metal Bracelet (October/Pink Tourmaline)

Ring: (Yummy) Ladybug Ring – Red

Shape is custom made by me! ♥


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