☆New Year!☆


Candy- We celebrate New Years today!!! I love it! Lots of glitter and sparkles and happy people. Though some of them seem to be sleeping on the couch? They must be tired.. Aw. My mom says I can’t get on the counter cause she fears I will drink adult juice. But I won’t! I am good!!!

Daisy-Whelp… another year has passed. Time to drink the sorrows away with all the free alcohol provided. I said B.Y.O.B little do they know I’ve been drinking their bottles…. They will be too drunk to notice in due time. Meh 😛

Featuring: /Wasabi Pills/-Isla @ FaMESHed

Two options with boobs as well.

Colors: B&W, Basics, Blonds, Browns, Fireworks, Lunar, Reds, and Solar

Mom and Daisy outfit are from Blueberry Show Time gacha. Can be found on MP

Candy’s Outfit is from {Juniper} Nelly Outfit Onyx (199 L Gold and Silver bow option)


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