I am ok!


I fell today but nothing major! It just looks like they hurt but trust me they don’t! -holds her two thumbs up- 😀

Wanna get your own booboos? 😛

Face band-aids: Ohai. Kawaii Bruise w/Band-aids (30L!) (MP)

Leg Booboos: Ohai. Oops! Common {02} Gacha (Only 20L per play!) (MP)

[Little Nerds] Cheek Booboo
. tiptoes – Sea Princess Dress [ B ] RARE
. tiptoes – Sea Princess Necklace – Amethyst
.ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1
.ARISE. Reem Eyes / Black MESH
Amala – Jellies – storm
Astralia – Thorn roses headpiece ONLY
PD-Diamond Stud Earrring
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yoko hair-anime set(resize)



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