Getting Ready


Daisy is about to take Patricia and I out for a little shopping spree! Hopefully we get all the good Christmas deals! You know there is a lot around this time! Squeeeee I can’t wait! Also maybe she will take us to get some foods -taps her tummy- cause I haven’t eaten and shopping makes me hungry!!!!

Featuring on Daisy:

 enVogue: Janelle Hair- Fitted and Rigged Mesh

Colors: Light blondes, Dark Blondes, Light Browns, Dark Browns, Light Reds, Dark Reds, Light Greys, Dark Greys, Light Colors, and Dark Colors

Featuring on Candy:

.sprinkles: Cozy Cardigans- Kid and Baby @Tous Les Enfants

Cozy cardigan & Under shirt (Penguin and Gray)

Colors: Brown, Lilac, Mint, and Pink

Featuring on Patricia:

{Clove} December Group Gift (FREE to join!)-Kid and Baby 

Christmas Overalls

Colors: Dark and Light

Dark is red sweater with dark blue denim. Light is pink sweater with light blue denim.



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