Let it Snow


Yay! It is snowing again! I love the cold frosted flakes to land on me. They make me feel all happy! Daisy helped me up today to gather some snowflakes. Thank goodness she is a good cook too! She packed up lunch in the thermal and guess what? It works! The soup stayed warm. I would sip it every now and then when I would get chilly and instant warmth. Oh man was it delicious.

I look forward to more days like these 🙂

Featuring on Daisy:

Fitted & Rigged. Long low length ponytail with big side bang.

Colors: Light blondes, Dark Blondes, Light Browns, Dark Browns, Light Reds, Dark Reds, Light Greys, Dark Greys, Light Colors, and Dark Colors

Featuring on Candy:


Colors: B&W, Basics, Blonds, Browns, Fireworks, Lunar, Reds, and Solar

Gacha: 1 Rare and 6 Common (Hold and Rez)

The thermos each have 6 food options that come with a matching cup for the thermos. Anyone can click them and eat the yummy foods ❤ Rice, Chili, Tomato Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Hot Coco, and Pho Soup. 

Pose: Glamrus . First Snow Fall .BeBe Bundle – December exclusive item


Outfit: .gypsy heart. BeBe Bundle – December exclusive item (Baby) Sweater-Emerald and Skirt-Silver

[Atomic] Christmas Crown (Arcade Gift)


Outfit: neve gift – holiday 2016 FREE TO JOIN


Glasses: -ADI- Mesh Papa’s Glasses FREE

Holiday Thermos Gacha Ad.png_wasabi-pills_-chiyomi-vendorenvogue-hair-ad-amelie-web


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