Letter writing to Santa 😀

Even though Daisy doesn’t look too impressed.. I know she wrote something on the papers for Santa to read. -peaks over the cups to see what she put- :O

She asked for… Pizza. =.= Really Daisy? She ain’t that bright!

I asked for lots of cookies and food to make sure it never stops coming our way. I also asked for a new hair style… for family pictures… for umm -taps her chin- MORE SQUIRRELS!  😛

Hair on Daisy: /Wasabi Pills/ Deirdre Mesh Hair – Browns @ Collabor 88

Color options: B&W, Basics, Blonds, Browns, Fireworks, Lunar, Reds, and Solar! Boob option included. 

Decorations: :BoWillow: @ The Snowy Village – Writing Santa & More!! (Gifts are more :P)

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie Giver)
  • Letters to Santa Pose B
  • Pencil Cup Green and Red
  • Letter to Santa Envelope (Rez+hold)
  • Letter to Santa (Stripes, Snowflake, Polka Dots)
  • Animated for Parents Rug 😀

GIFT: Snowfall Christmas Bookshelf in Gradient

Hunt Prize: Snowy Village Resizable Blankie that can be held

 There is a HUNT with 19 objects to find. Hints can be found at the Hunt Start Point inside Santa’s Factory. And a Gift Tree! Which is located right next to the gacha and has gold ornaments on it! \o/ ALSO There is a wrapping station to wrap your gifts! 

Outfit on Candy can be found also @ The Snowy Village

PJs: -Ragamuffins- Winter Village GACHA  TD Size RARES -Cocoa Light (Kid and Baby Sizes)

  • Christmas, Cocoa Dark, Cold Outside

Slippers: -Ragamuffins- Winter Village GACHA  TD Slippers (Resize)- Purple Trees (Kid and Baby Sizes)

  • Blue flakes, Birds, Christmas, Dark Fades, Hanukkah, Multi Trees, P&S, Polar Bears.

Writing Santa Gacha Ad.png

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