Secret Hideaway


BP and I ran away today and found old boxes from fridges and stoves and idk what else these boxes were used for. Behind the train tracks there was this cart and omg it was perfect for when our parents make us do chores. We found some signs and wrote some things on them so people can give us monies…. for FREE!!! 😮 And guess what? It actually works!!! You need to get yourself a sign so people can give you free monies. Do a little sad face and you will be rich in no time!

Like our sleighs? We use it to get around pull out your dollies and sappy face and you are game!

Links below so you can start making your own lindens in no time!

Outfit: llCll @ Ninety Nine– Ugly Pajamas (4)

In total 5 options! Go on and check it out!

BP is wearing number 5 ^^

Set:  BREAUX JR. @ The North Pole’s Snowy Village

2 Rares, 18 common

  • Hobo Sticks (3 color patterns)
  • Box Chairs (3 color patterns and animated)
  • Cardboard Sign Banks (Click to pay you lindens 😛 5 Options)
  • Wall Art (5 options)
  • Beds in a Box (2 animated)
  • Box Car Rare (Animated)
  • Box Car Platform (Animated)

Dolls and Sleigh Stroller: FTi.~  @ The North Pole’s Snowy Village  Gacha

  • 16 common Dolls ( Brown, Blonde, Red, Black Hair, Green, Brown, Hazel, and Blue Eyes. No poses on dolls)
  • Rare Stroller Sleigh (3 poses)

.ButtonStache. @ The North Pole’s Snowy Village – Winter Scarf Gacha- Plaid Frinde Scarf RARE 2. (8 Common and 2 Rares!)

Gift: Earmuffs [Holly]



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