Snowball Fight!

snowball_001.jpgACK!! SHE GOT ME!!! My cousin Angie is fast and an expert snowball maker! I tried running fast but I wasn’t fast enough >.<

-sputters and spits out snow-


Pose: {Fawn Kisses} Christmas Day Gacha #2 @ ATP

Christmas Day Pose Gacha. 6 commons, 1 rare. 50L a play.
All pose props are includes, all poses are no copy, transfer.

-2 gifts are includes which are gifts under the tree-
Cooking With Momma &
Christmas Joy

*Cooking with Momma Pose Gift comes with full props except the recipe book. Includes blender, bowl, & cookie.

*Christmas Joy Pose Gift comes with pose props, presents are texture changeable. Can pick from Red, Green, or Blue. (no texture sorry)

Pose are copy, no transfer.

To get the gifts under the tree, must be in the ATP group and activated.

Dress:  Sprinkles . @ Ninety Nine Event-eve dress blue (B) (6 colors to choose from!)

Scarf: Sprinkles . @ Ninety Nine Event-fur cowl scarf blue (6 colors to choose from!)

Shoes: Enchantique. Snug Boots [sky] @ Ninety Nine

Earrings: .click. Flower Sticker Earring – Blue

Hair:*barberyumyum*65B (brown)

Eyes: .ARISE. Eyelashes No. 1 + .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Lime MESH L


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