Waiting for Christmas

I am a little inpatient!!! I decided to dress up and bring out the covers that Momma hides in the closet that are Christmas themed. I brought the joy of Christmas to our home! :

(At the bottom there will be pics of every sponsored item for more options)

Bed: :BoWillow: @ Little Events Winter Wonder-Christmas Balloon Bed {non-floating} (Floating version available too)

This 100% original mesh balloon bed has poses for solo kids and also parent with one child. This particular one is themed for christmas. The bed blanket and pillows change texture by touching them individually and using the menu to select your textures.

* The event starts on the 1st and goes til the end of the month.*

Chalkboard: Sprinkles . Christmas chalk board #6 RARE Gacha

Sweater: FREE GIFT @ ATP: Sprinkles . deer sweater gift (B)

Antlers: Sprinkles . @Grabby Hands Gacha antlers red

Boots: Gimmick*  @ Ninety Nine Event– Winter Boots – Black Leather (Rig)

Color options: D. Brown Leather, Gray Wool, L. Brown Leather, Pink Leather, White Leather, WHite Wool.

Mouth Pencil + Ear Pencil : :BoWillow: @ BDFBK Christmas  (Nerd Accessories)

Mouth Pencil – Snowflakes
Ear Pencil – Nordic

No Rares. 5 nose pencils 5 mouth pencils 5 ear pencils and 3 nerd back papers. There is also a free gift of a holdable christmas pencil.

This event will run until the end of Dec.

Pants: Hayde Leggings {Baby} From Nimbles’ Hayde outfit

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Elira [Unrigged] [Resize]



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