Too Cool


CHEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They tried to catch me off guard. But shoot I’m always photo ready ;D They got me extra cute today too! Girly but stylish with a hint of urban! Wanna get the look? Look below for links!


Cap: [F.C] Devil Horn Patched Cap [Black] [Girl] 10 color option. Look below for all color options 😀 Let the inner hipster devil shine through!! Also these patches come with!
Shorts: [F] Denim Shorts [B] [Black]
Shirt: [F] Rolled Shirt [B] [White]

Hair: *barberyumyum*83(brown)
Eyes: .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Lime MESH
Watch: FLite. – Dark Leather Watch – Common #15
Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders – Pink
Earrings: Paper Damsels-Bebe Heart-Earring (Old Bebe bundle exclusive)
Glasses: {BB} Hipster Glasses cracked [ADD]
Phone: From {tg.} – my mommy’s phone (2) prop



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