Toasty S’mores


Uncle Mike came over today and cooked smores with us! Granted he tried to steal everyones but he ended up keeping his own. 😛 We win! He can’t have our smores the little punk! Ehehehe. Momma knows how to make them super yummy and toasty >.< She gets the smores maker award.

{Fawn Kisses} Smores @ ATP 

(Includes Smores for everyone in the family! Smores are no copy, transferable. Includes campfire, log props, poseball. Pose is copy, no transfer)

On Candy:
Coat: Gimmick* – Wool Coat – White
Jeans: Gimmick* – Worn Jeans – DarkBlue
Hair: [e] Karee
Shoes: ~*Buglets*~  @ The PlayroomCozy Lil Slipper [Silver]

On BP:

Outfit: .tiptoes- Cozy Winter- gamer(Includes jeans, glasses, sweater, and boots!)
MINA Hair – Andre Unrigged (no materials)


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