Cookie Snatcher

cookie snatcher_002.png

RATS! I GOT CAUGHT! Sometimes even if you are small daddies and mommies can hear the loud cookie crunching from a mile away!

I thought I was safe since they were watching moving in the living room… I guess I shouldn’t test my luck. Gotta wait till the baby sitter comes… THEN YOU SNEAK ALL THE COOKIES. Pro-tip!

Outfit: [F] Elbow SweaterW/Sweatpants @ Ninety Nine Event!

Sweater in Black

Sweatpants in White

Beanie: Sprinkles. @ Grabby Hands Event!  (Gacha)

Pom pom beanie gray

Socks+Sandals: :BoWillow: Socks & Sandals – BLACK & WHITE (99L)

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nagi hair-Brown set


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