Camping Adventures


:DDD Everything is better with more! I am super glad Angie came over, We toasted marshmellows (Well tried… we may have burnt like 50), drank hot chocolate, and then Mia came over and took us all for a ride on the wagon! I kept toasty in my coat and sweater. No cold is gonna get in here! Nope! No way! No how!!!

Check out Angies Blog HERE! 


{Fawn Kisses} @ Kid to Kid 

  • Warmingup Pose (Includes Mug Props+Poseballs! Mugs No copy, tranfser. Pose Copy, no Mod)


  • Hayride Fun Pose (Includes Wagon, Pillows, and poseballs. Pillows are texture change and modifable. Full Pose is copy, no transfer)


{Fawn Kisses} @ ATP 

  • Burnt Marshmellows (Inlcudes: Campfire & Log Props! Burnt mashmellow stick, no copy but transferable. Full Pose is Copy No transfer) Pst there is also a regular tosting marshmellow w/o the burning 😛 Incase you don’t like that burnt taste ROFL!

Coat: Sprinkles . @ Color Me Cute -Lolita coat cream(Also available in Black, Blue, Lilac, Pink, and Rose!)

Scarf: Sprinkles . oversized scarf @ Ninety Nine Event– Beige (Also avaiblable in Black, Blue, Brown, Pink, and Red!)

Shoes: ~*Buglets*~  @ The Playroom– Cozy Lil Slippers [Chocolate]

Socks: [Vk!] Outfit -Iris Outfit-sock frill and sock HUD

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ameliya hair-Brown set


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