Quote the Raven, Ketchup more!


I GOTCHU! It’s ketchup!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Bet you got scared didn’t ya!? LOL I am the best prankster ever!!!! Philp helped me with the idea! Look at his face! He’s telling you, “HAAAAA!” Cause he knows we got you good! 😀 Get the look below and your own ketchup prank starting kit or maybe even play dead and get free candies 😛

You are welcome for these ideas of prankiness. LET THE HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES BEGIN!


POSE: {Fawn Kisses} @ The Happily Haunted Hunt FREE Prize 13-  Murder Case Pose 

(Ketchup not included:P Look below to find out what you get for FREEEEEEE \O/)

Dress: Sprinkles . @ 4. The Happily Haunted Hunt 25L Prize- Elm dress (B)

Backpack: Sprinkles . @ 14. The Happily Haunted Hunt FREE Prize- coffin backpack

The Happily Haunted Hunt runs from  OCT. 25th – Nov. 2nd

[F] @ Trunk or Treat- Odd Pair Of Glasses [Red] 

Colors: Black-Rare, Black-White Rare, White-White Rare, White Rare, Blue, Green, Neon, Pink, Purple, and Yellow. Gacha item!

Trunk or Treat runs from Oct. 24th – Nov. 7 There is a TON of stuff to do there as well as free gifts at every booth!! 

Corvus : Murder Face Tattoo
[Little Nerds] Cheek Booboo+ Legs
:BoWillow: Bloody Bone Horn Earring
:BoWillow: Misunderstood Bloody Boots TD
REIGN.– Poison Necklace- #19
Bad Seed- Vampire Fangs/Bloody
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Lisara horns (Resize)FREE @ Candyfair 2016
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yoko hair-anime set(resize) Past Gacha Garden gift
.ARISE. Reem Eyes / Black

Photo taken at Ironwood Hills starting area!

{Fawn Kisses} Murder Case Ad.png


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