I don’t like this….


-ultra mega hardcore unhappy baby pouting commencing-

They pointed…. they laughed… they stuck me in this pumpkin and took a picture. HOW DARE THEEEEEEEE!!! -throws inside of the pumpkin out all over the yard-

I thought it was gonna go well I was dressed in comfy Halloween colors. Maybe we were gonna pick a pumpkin, I thought to myself. I even got my hair braided into nice buns. I was so excited to go out. Little did I know that this was what was going to happen! -crosses arms- They will regret this.

Outfit: {SO} Isabell Pants and Shirt- Orange @ Ninety Nine Event

Single will cost 99L and Fatpack 199L – after event 149 L and 250 Linden, of course group members has additional 15% discount, as always.

Ring: Blah. (Donut Ring) Pumpkin

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ameliya hair-Brown set(Resize)

Kitty: {L} Nyan Plush; Pumpkin

Binky: {Rigby} baby binks : skull

Pose: 1. *CS* Baby Pumpkin – 01


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