Da bears!


You can never have too many stuffed animals. Or animals at all ;D If someone tells you otherwise you send them my way and I will show them not to mess with you or me! RAWR!!!

This rug is so comfy its like a fluffy kind with the built in cushion. My butt likes it =3 i brought all my animals out to come feel it and they liked it too! 😀

My bear binky and bear pillow match perfectly 😀

:BoWillow: & Breaux Jr. @ The Bricklane Gacha

Rug: :BoWillow: & Breaux Jr. – Story/NapTime Rug – Brown Bear Blue

Pillows: Breaux Jr. Bear Hugger #8 – Brown Paw +Brown Bear Blue
Paci: :BoWillow: StoryTime Paci – Bear Brown

This event is a collaboration Breaux. The pillows are 100% original mesh and animation. Bowillow bear pacifiers which are also 100% original mesh. The rug is also 100% original mesh from Breaux. 😀

The Brick Lane Starts on the 20th of each month and runs until the 15th of the next month.

FLite. – Dark Wood Watch – Common #14

Papa’s Glasses – Wood Free!

[P.A] Bear Slipper {B}
[P.A] Bear Suit {B} Light


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