Carving Pumpkins!



Ariella came over today and I had seen we hadn’t made any faces in our pumpkins. I remember where the knives were hidden and I climbed the kitchen chairs and stole some so we can make our own pumpkins! Don’t worry though Daddy came by later and made sure we were safe! Like my outfit? Daddy let me pick it! I’m a bat witch! :DDDD LOLOL don’t mess with me I can cast spells and suck ya blood MUAHAHAHA!

Carving pumpkin pose: {Fawn Kisses} Messy Carving – Includes pose and props!

Bowillow @Trunk or Treat 
:BoWillow: Painted Goth Boots  (Purple)
:BoWillow: Witchie Hat – Mystic Purple

Gift! :BoWillow: Trick Or Treat Bag – Color Changing

Trunk or Treat runs from Oct. 24th – Nov. 7 There is a TON of stuff to do there as well as free gifts at every booth!!

Sprinkles @TLE 
Sprinkles . stripe socks, (B)Sprinkles . bat ears, bat leotard (B), bat wings

Tous Les Enfant (All The Children)
(Gacha/Exclusive items only)

25th of each month to the 15th of the next month

Sprinkles . drippy necklace purple @ Ninety-Nine Event

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Nagi hair (Resize)


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