Cat I’m a Kitty Cat!


-licks her hand- I was wanting to dress up like a kitty to match my Sailor Moon Kitty cat sweater of Luna! Thank goodness I found this sweater ♥ It’s so warm and adorable and perfect for the candy lover cause see the pockets? You can hide your candy in there ;D

-finishes cleaning her ears with her hand-

Pick up your sweater and group gifts too!

:BoWillow: Halloween Sweatshirt @ Ninety-Nine (October Round) – Moon Kitty (B)

Black, Candy Pocket, Cute by Physcho, Hwlloween Pocket, and Ribss available too! 😀 

These sweatshirts are for TD baby/kid also at the event is a FREE candy add-on it animates you so that the candy will stay in the pocket so be sure to read the candy HELP card. 

Group gifts:(Found at Mainstore 50L to join group more stuff in-world!)

 { S&S } Black Cat Ears
{ S&S } Luna Pack Pack

Face hearts: NOX. Hearts [cosmetic fair gift] Hearts GIFT [Pink]
Earrings: From * {.:Little Stars.:} * Alexia  Outfit
Hair: *barberyumyum*83(eggplant)
Eyes: .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Floor
Sneakers: FLite.-Outsiders – Pink
Necklace: [Vk!] -Necklace Gold-C

Halloween Sweatshirts Ad With Sweatshirts.png


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