Vandalism at its finest. I saw this sign walking outside while serving time out… It looked all pretty there standing with its big ol’ STOP. Smug sign… so I kicked it WHAM! That’s what it gets!

Nonetheless I served more time but this time in a corner =.=

[F] Street Style Shirt [Red](Also available in: Khaki Green, Black, White, Grey, and Rose Gold)

[F] [White-Black] Studded Back Pack R Arm

Gimmick* – Worn Jeans – Black

.trinket. nautical hand stamped bracelet – waves silver can be found on MP
Amala – The Love Choker – Silver – Subscriber Gift
Beusy: Lucid Hair & Cap [Natural]
Canvas sneakers from Sweet<3 Little Floral Dress Orange outfit

{BB} Hipster Glasses cracked
{Rigby} baby binks : mustache

Photo taken at Ironwood Hills


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