Gossip baby!


Stole my Aunt Loris’ cellphone today to see if she was telling on me for all my past transgressions. So far she hasn’t 😀 Yay!!! I don’t wanna go to time out anymore…It’s a bore there!

Also, do you like my jeans? -spins around- They are amazing!!! Perfect for that fall look ;D Go out and grab them for yourself the details are below!

Jeans: NEW AT Gimmick* – Worn Jeans – Normal ( Black, DarkBlue, Gray, Light, and Lighter available in-store!!

Shirt::BoWillow: Play Clothes – Tee – WHITE

Hair: *barberyumyum*83 (brown)

Glasses: From [V!] Sun Protections Set-01 Outfit

Watch: FLite. – Dark Leather Watch – Common #15

Sandals: Amala – Jellies – Storm

Choker: XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black]

Cellphone:{BunBun} Magical Phone – Ribbon Purple


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