Home On the Range!


Decided to go feed the cows at my grandparents ranch! They were super friendly and nice to me. I love nuzzling my face against their soft fur. Grandpa told me to bundle up cause it was pretty chilly as the sun was setting. I didn’t think he would bundle me up THIS MUCH!

But it’s ok! I was comfy and was able to even hang out with the chickens and feed the ducks bread by the pond ♥

Come check out my grandparents ranch! Click HERE to get your own LM! ☺

Sweater: Sprinkles . cozy sweater – Gray Gacha

Booties: Sprinkles . snug boots gray- Event gift! Free!!

**Both items will be at Tous Les Enfants opening on September 25!**

Beanie:(TSAD) Mesh Micky – Minnie Beanies.

Leggings: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Martha Leggings ( HUD)!!

Hair: [e] Hilary – Essentials

Binky: {Rigby} baby binks- Aztec

Scarf: From Neverland – London Caban TD – Red Outfit


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