I knew I shouldn’t seen that scary movie 😦

I regret all decisions! I got my handy dandy flashlight some popcorn and my big comfy blanket to keep me safe all night… I dun think I’m going to sleep tonight…. WHYYY WHY DID I SEE THAT SCARY MOVIE?!


:BoWillow: @ The Bricklane Gacha– Scary Story Blankie -Black Gacha!! 55L

Flashlight is a gift at the event black and white!

Come and get your blankie!

All blankies are resizable with a menu options. They are also modify which means you can tint them if you feel like it 😀

The blankies are Original Mesh and wearable… to use them simply add them to your avatar and yay you are protected by a soft fluffy blankie!!

The Brick Lane is an event that runs from the 20th of each month to the 15th of the next month!

Scary Story Blankie Gacha Ad.png


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