Nothing Is Impossible!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Playing spy with my besties Cece, Deliah, and Lewis! Nothing is impossible about being a bad butt baby!!! They managed to climb the house like nothing. I put my foot up and climb the shutters with tact. One by one I was making my way up. But oh my gosh that last step… I knew I should have had that donut for breakfast =.= That last step.. I almost didn’t make it!

Thank goodness they were there!! They made a little ladder of themselves to help me up!!! PHEW I MADE IT SAFE AND SOUND!!!


Get the look by following the links below! Be sure to click their names for our other day adventures!

[F] Classic Dork Outfit @ Color Me Cute 299L Each!

This Outfit comes with a Blazer and Chinos Pants ..Along With A Style Hud to mix an match the dress shirt and pants 😀


Hair:TRUTH HAIR Sakura 1 Side Gacha

Sneakers: FLite. -Feezys Fatpack -RARE

Watch: FLite. – Dark Leather Watch – Common #15



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