Call it REVENGE!


Today while at school we were reading. Nothing out of the ordinary… Till I saw my Cousin Deliah walk in and boy oh boy did she look happy to see me. I bet she thought I had forgiven her for eating my churros…. Guess what Cuzzy?? I didn’t! WHAM! I threw my book at her when the teacher wasn’t looking and stole all her monies. The teacher caught this picture while I thought she wasn’t looking. Guess who is serving time in detention today?

o/ -raises hand-

Go look at the before shot the teacher caught in her blog! HERE!

Outfit: Muriel. Lauren Outfit – Pistachio includes-  Hair bow, Cardi Flower, Chest bow, Leg warmers, Shoes, Skirt, Top and cardigan.

More colors in world! 😀


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