Burning Rubber


Headed out for a drive with Sevin today. She took me to many places. I dunno why shes being all creeper back there though. She should have come closer but I think the sun was hitting her and she wanted shade. She dressed me up like a hipster today. 😀 I love my pants and my hoodie and my cap ❤ they are perfection…. I think everyone should be a hipster too!

Follow the links below to get your own swagger look ;D


Hoodie: Gimmick*@ Ninety Nine Event– Hooded Sweater – White 

Pants: Gimmick*@ Ninety Nine Event– Chinos – Black 

Hat: :BoWillow: @ Ninety Nine Event– StreetCap – STREET – SILVER RARE

Ninety-Nine on September 9th.

Sneakers: From Sweet<3 Little Floral Dress Orange outfit

Hair:Love – Hurricane – Greyscale

Kitty:{theosophy} Cat in a Bag (Recycle) gacha




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