Very Important Person.


Momma gave me this ID tag. I am a V.I.P but I think it should be V.I.L.P (Very important LITTLE person).We all know im the most important person to my mommy.  I know where you can get more tags if your mommy didn’t give you one:o Follow the links below and you can have your very own Just Because ID tag 😀

Bowillow@ ATP-Just Because – ID Tag – VIP 

8 commons 1 rare – All tags are mod/trans so that you can resize them and add your own picture!

ATP (Allergic to Pink/Addicted to Pink) – This event runs from the 1st to the 25th of each month.

Outfit: { S&S } SuzieQ Outfit- Includes dress(W/ 3 hud color options), shoes, headband, and necklace!)

Just Cause ID tags Gacha Ad.png


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