Looking for Cucuys!•o•


I heard something under my bed before heading to bed. Momma said there is cucuys under there and if I misbehaved they would come out and get me. Well… I forgot about the cucuy and I farted on her pillow D: So later that night I head something under the bed. Like a scratchy shuffling noise. I bent over to go look and I narrowed my eyes to see and whelp… it was just kitty playing with a spider. =.= Maybe cucuys arent real!

Get your Bowillow Balloon Bed @ Tous Les Enfants! Floating and Non-floating! Super cute omg… I know you wanna get your own the textures are pristine and sooooo nice!

The balloon bed has loads of texture options and adorable animations for either a partent with 1 or 2 babies – 2-3 babies or solo poses ❤

(click the pillows and blankies to change them :D) 

Tous Les Enfants runs from the 25th every month to the 15th of the next month

  • To change the textures click the blanket or 1 of the 3 pillows and use the blue menu ALL pillows change texture 😀
  • To Adjust your pose use the ADJUST option in the menu and use the x,y,z + or – remember to save your position {This was designed with toddleedoo babies, the animations are adjustable but with some poses you may find it’s harder to fit multiple larger sized avatars.)


BALLOON BED AD - birdies.png


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