Chicken Noodle Soup!


We set up for camp today near the house. My auntie Dollie brought some chicken noodle soup in these cute little thermos! She kept em warm but they were easily reheated to piping hot for the cold fresh nights. Mmmmm chicken noodle soup! There is more soup though if ya’ll wanna come over for some soup ;D SOUP FOR ALL!!

Troublemaker Thermos from:  :BoWillow: @ The Bricklane Gacha August 2016 Event  (Event began August 20th)“:BoWillow: Thermos – Troublemaker GREEN” *RESIZEABLE* Comes in these colors: Blue, Green, Red (Has attachable, rezzable options, also allows you to get 6+ different types of soups and Comes with these label options Trouble Maker, Ready to Learn, and Super Smart – Close up picture of the thermos featured below⬇︎) [Find more cool items like this in the :BoWillow: In-World Store ; :BoWillow: Marketplace Store]

{Lil Big Me} Bugs are Ikky Outfit



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