Sight Seeing


Headed out to Paris with my Trial Daddy and Mom. They took me to eat lots at Le Petit Châtelet. If you haven’t gone there you gots to if you go to Paris. I love me some crème brulées!!!! I ate too much though.. I might not fit into my pants later on tonight. Let the food keep coming!!

Bowillow gacha @ Tous Les Enfants

Tous Les Enfants runs from the 25th every month to the 15th of the next month

55L Per Game!! 

  • Overalls: :Bowillow: Dungarees (Rares)
  • Shirt: :BoWillow: Dungarees Bebe (rares) – shirt
  • Beret: :BoWillow: Bebe Beret – Navy (copy,mod)
  • Shoes: :BoWillow: French Bebe Dress Shoes gradient 
  • Socks: :BoWillow: French Socks 

LM to Paris Sim: Les Champs Elysees

Le Bebe French Outfit Gacha Ad.png


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